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Episode 21!  Why is it that we always see articles about "cure-all" foods like Acai or Kale, and then weeks later we see articles that say those foods are actually no good for you?  This show is a discussion about how research is shared and conducted.  IT IS A NERDY PODCAST, ALL RIGHT?  Just listen and learn something....

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In this Episode I explain the way we train people to treat us like crap.  I take a look at how we resemble rats and pigeons in little boxes, and how we reward people for treating us poorly all the time.  Follow me on twitter @breakdownswithg!!!  Vote for me on!!!  Email me any questions to!!!

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On this episode I speak with Dr. David Burkholder, Professor of Counseling and expert on human development and parenting.  We talk about our personal parenting experiences, about how kids today are different than kids of past generations, and we answer some questions from my listeners.  Please visit and vote for my podcast, and share this with a friend!

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"Bipolar" has become a very commonly used term in pop culture - in this show I discuss the actual illness; how it (and other) mental illnesses are diagnosed and how mental health diagnoses can differ from other kinds of medical diagnoses.  I also share some very similar mental illnesses that can often be confused for Bipolar Disorder.  Vote for my show on!!!

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Episode 17!  In this one I discuss making decisions.  What's the best way to make tough choices?  I describe 3 very simple steps and the attitude that will help you move forward with your personal goals!

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In this episode I discuss PTSD with Mark Citarella, a radio host and Iraq war veteran.  Mark candidly discusses his experiences in the military and the impact of traumatic experiences on him.  Follow Mark on twitter @markzinno!

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Episode 15!  This episode was triggered by a shooting at Ft. Hood, Texas yesterday.  I discuss Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, the impact of the military on mental illness, and..gun control laws?   I probably bit off more than I can chew on that one, folks.  

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Episode 14!  In this episode I discuss the difference between people who can survive a crisis and those who can't.  I talk about how Americans have been the victims of our own safety and success when it comes to handling crises, and some of the basic ideas you can incorporate into your life so that you can increase your resilience.  SHARE THIS PODCAST WITH A FRIEND!!!

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In this episode, I have a guest - my friend Rob G.  Rob and I talk about addictions, about Rob's personal experiences with drugs and alcohol, and his recovery process.  Rob is very candid and raw about his experiences with addiction and anyone who struggles with addiction or has a family member with an addiction should listen.

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In this one I take my loyal listeners on my personal journey toward self-discovery...Whatever, I'm a jealous bastard and I figure out why.  We'll talk about the Zero Sum Game, the Fundamental Attribution Error, and how to let go of jealousy so that you can tighten up your game and get your own success!

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